Request to sign petition re Syrian Refugees


The team from Campaign for Australian Aid  are urgently seeking support for a petition to ask the Prime Minister to be generous in offering Syrian refugees safe haven here, in Australia.  Below is the email they have forwarded to their mailing list.

Just now, Tony Abbott has confirmed in question time that the Government will make a decision about granting safe haven to more Syrian refugees within the next 24 hours.

That means it’s crunch time to have our voices heard. Our campaign is calling on our government to increase our intake of refugees, commit our fair share of humanitarian aid to the region and work to establish peace in the region.

You can tell Mr. Abbott to make the right call, sign our petition for the people of Syria now.

As a nation, we can choose to turn our backs on the people of Syria and pretend that this is an issue for the other hemisphere, but that is not what Australians do.

We need you to add your voice to the petition and demand that Australia plays its fair role in this global crisis: sign it now.

When people are in need, Australians are there to help. No single country can solve this refugee crisis, but we can all contribute to a truly global response. We can do what is fair to help children and their families as they flee the conflict.

So sign the petition and ask our government to do more to help the people of Syria.

Campaign for Australian Aid Team

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