Sophia's Spring is an eco-feminist community of the Uniting Church
that meets at CERES Community Environment Park

We also Zoom!

We bring eco-feminist perspectives and inclusive language
to enlarge, deepen and challenge traditional concepts of God/de and the church.

We are an active community of faith,
seeking new ways of understanding spirituality,
and hold sacred the earth and all creation.

Sunday Gatherings

We gather for reflection, discussion, liturgy and music

Listening for Sophia - Woman Wisdom Speaks


Sophia’s Spring meets at 4 pm on the third Sunday of the month. You are invited to join our circle for a series of three Afternoon Gatherings that seek greater understandings of Sophia. Participate in liturgy, savour supper and good conversation.

15 May: Sophia Woman Wisdom: not a feminist invention

Rev Dr. Sally Douglas will reflect with us. Sally is Minister at Richmond Uniting Church and a scholar whose writings explore textual sources from our Christian tradition where Jesus embodies Woman Wisdom

19 June: Sophia – the Feminine Face of God

Presentation Sister Mary Coloe – Professor at Yarra Theological College video presentation on Sophia as the feminine face of God in the Gospel of John.

17 July: How our understanding of Sophia shapes our practice

Sophia’s Spring liturgy, community life and decision-making processes reflect our eco-feminist theology. We continually seek Sophia in our discernment. Speaker TBA

We meet at 4 pm to participate in liturgy and reflection. You are invited to stay for a simple healthy meal afterwards, and continue the conversation.

We meet in person at the Learning Centre at CERES Lee Street, Brunswick. You are welcome to join us via Zoom. Email us and request a Zoom link.

Enquiries to Christina Rowntree- Ministry Co-ordinator 0403 197 352 or email Jan Garood Secretary- sophias-spring@ceres.org.au

Everyone is welcome, hospitality is offered and all can explore their ideas and questions about faith and spirituality.
We celebrate friendship, relationship and social commitment.

Sophia’s Spring gatherings are a safe place for all people regardless of creed, age, cultural background or sexual orientation

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Money for Mission

The following is a link to the video by Rev Mat Harry promoting Money4Mission.  The Video is part of a Synod Vic/Tas’ project to encourage congregations to think creatively and wisely about use of property for the benefit of the whole church and future sustainability.”  The video stars: Steve, Di, John, Dee and Jan G talking about the move from Fitzroy; it is a short slice of the history of our move from Fitzroy Uniting Church to CERES.


Time & Place

Please join us for our Sunday Gathering at 10 at CERES and Online

If you come to CERES you will be required to show your vaccination certificate and comply with, the now familiar, health regulations.

The 3rd Sunday of each month we meet at 4pm

Centring Prayer on Wednesdays at 530 Online

There are many ways to be involved at Sophia's Spring.

During the period of physical distancing and the shut down of non-essential services due to the Covid19 pandemic, we met virtually.

We are now able to meet again so...

If you would like to join us please email us at sophias-spring@ceres.org.au and we will send you the information you need


We are seeking ways to include those of our community who are unable to attend physically but can participate in our gatherings online

All gatherings held in the CERES Learning Centre, along the path from the Lee Street entrance, CERES Environmental Park in East Brunswick. See google Google Map and the site CERES site map


Parking can be difficult near CERES and time restrictions often apply.

First try CERES main carpark, corner Roberts and Stewart Streets. If that is full, overflow parking is available at Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne,  corner Stewart and Nicholson Streets.

We'd love to hear from you

Please get in touch to learn more about Sophia's Spring

You can email our secretary Jan G sophias-spring@ceres.org.au or our Ministry Coordinator: Christina 0403 197 352 christinatree@ceres.org.au

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Our Facebook Page

Join the Sophia's Spring Facebook Page for updates on events and other news.


CERES Mosaic


CERES Community Environment Park in East Brunswick is worth a visit.