Probiotics & eco-kinship & puppy yoga

I have a suitcace of empty Yakult bottles I have saved because I think probiotics illustrates the symbiotic relationship between humanity, bacteria and all life.  So one day, when free to do so, I will construct a labyrinth of Yakult bottles as a Deep Ecology installation to illustrate the inter-connectedness and kin-ship of all life on earth.
Soon after birth, the gut of mammals is populated by a variety of indigenous microbes that influence both gut and liver functions and new evidence is pointing to effects on behavioural and cognitive ability.  We cannot live without our intestinal flora.  Our bodies are actually the joint property of the descendants of many diverse ancestors.  They collaborate with us; they are our kin.  And many people care for their “pet” bacteria by taking probiotics.
Puppy Yoga
The bible reading from Job says, “ask the animals and they will teach you”. It reminds me of puppy yoga.  You will never see a dog get up from being curled up on the couch and start rushing about.  NO, they take all the time they need to arch their spine, then make it concave, stretching every vertebrae.  Then with a leisurely grace they extend and stretch each leg.  I am sure the ancients developed yoga poses by observing animals! Animal Sunday 2020

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